Is Sex Therapy for you?

Let's face the facts: Not everyone's sex life is up to par.

Sex may not be pleasurable right now or your age or medical condition may suddenly be interfering with your ability to enjoy and engage in sex. 

Relationships are difficult and people feel disconnected from their partners.

Sometimes you just don't feel normal. You feel down and unlike yourself, your life is out of balance, and you're overwhelmed with stress or anxiety. 

If any of these things sound like you, you're in the right place. I'm glad to have you.


New Orleans Sex Therapy accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and private pay for all appointments listed below. 



The assessment is the first stage in the therapeutic process. It is an information gathering appointment that helps to determine client concerns, develop recommendations, and is aimed to help clients gain insight to the challenges in their lives.

If you've never worked with me before, this is first place to start!

Compact Assessment: $140

The compact‏ assessment is a 60 minute session where individuals and couples begin the therapeutic process.

Expanded Assessment appointment: $260

The expanded assessment is primarily for couples and is a two hour therapy appointment.  Each individual is seen for 45 minutes and there is also a 30 minute couples consultation.




Ongoing therapy appointments are utilized to learn, implement, and encourage positive change for the individual to reach their therapeutic goals. Many clients are seen every other week until their goals are achieved. Clients often achieve their goals in 5 to 12 appointments, although the number of sessions varies depending upon clients concerns.

At times clients need to extend their regular therapy session to 90 or 120 minutes. This is based upon client request and therapist recommendations. Extended sessions run $180-$240. 




Couples sessions are similar to individual sessions but, you guessed it, with couples!


Speaking Events

New Orleans Sex Therapy is happy to provide both educational and unforgettable presentations at your next conference, meeting, or event. 

I have provided lectures to community organizations, geriatric care facilities, and hospitals. My presentations focus on healthy sexuality throughout life and various treatment options to enhance intimate relationships and so much more.

I'd love to collaborate with you.